2008 Character Matters

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2010 Romeo and Juliet

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2010 Shakespeare Festival

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2011 Shakespeare Festival

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2012 Midsummer Night's Dream

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2013 A Christmas Carol

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Youth Theater

Vanguard conducts periodic and ongoing theater classes and activities for young people. Many of the participants are members of Westminster but perhaps even more are from the San Diego community at large.

There are no restrictions other than their age and interest in the theater. Involvement of our youth is always a significant consideration in our selection of the plays that we produce. In fact, we are very experienced at writing in roles for the kids so that they can be exposed first hand to theater among our experienced actors. Recent examples are our productions of "Bye Bye Birdie," "Oklahoma" and "Meet Me In St. Louis,"  where we found imaginative ways to bring the kids into the action on stage.

We tried a unique experiment in"Character Matters." Kids up to age 12 became the actors and teenagers became the production crew. Intermixed with a series of classes on theatrical production, the teens divided themselves into director, stage manager, lights, stage, costume and choreography. Then, with the help of our experienced adult mentors, the kids selected a play, cast it, rehearsed it and produced it. For a short documentary, click here.